red fish at cove resort palau
fish at cove resort palau
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Excursions at Our Palau Rock Islands Resort

From Rock Islands to Battlegrounds

When you stay at COVE Resort Palau, our Palau Rock Islands resort, you have the opportunity to explore everything from pristine uninhabited islands to World War II battlegrounds. See some of our favorite excursions in Palau below to start dreaming up your adventure before you arrive.

Rock Islands

Take a speed boat, sail charter or kayak to Rock Islands, encompassing 445 uninhabited limestone islands of volcanic origin. They display unique shapes in brilliant turquoise lagoons surrounded by coral reefs. The beauty of the site is even more intense due to a complex reef system featuring over 385 coral species and different types of habitat. A large diversity of plants, birds and marine life, including more than 13 shark species, can be seen here.


The Battle of Peleliu was fought between the United States and the Empire of Japan in World War II, from September to November of 1944. However, this small island is not only known for its battles. Located about 23 miles south of Koror island this reef island is alive with leafy foliage which have grown to cover the battle scars. Be sure to take some time out for the natural swimming hole (with a ladder) where fresh and saltwater mixes. The island is accessible by boat and charter flights.


Angaur is another small island and another battlefield site in World War II, where the Battle of Angaur ran from September to October of 1944. Today, this serene island hosts many monkeys, crocodiles, fruit bats, coconut crabs and blue coral. And while there are no restaurants, hotels or large grocery stores, and few cars, the people who live on the island are friendly and welcoming. The island is accessible by boat and charter flights.


Trek through the jungles and traditional villages with stone pathways still intact on this big island. You will find spectacular tropical flowers and flora, endemic birds and salt water crocodiles. There are also stunning waterfalls and enriching cultural sites.