red fish at cove resort palau
fish at cove resort palau
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Explore Palau Shopping on Main Street

Treasures for Souvenirs

Take some time from water sports and diving adventures for some Palau shopping and leisure. Our small country's impressive shops and stores offer a variety of treasures for souvenirs to bring home and remember your trip.

One of the most memorable Koror shopping experiences is picking up storyboards. This traditional art form is one of the most popular cultural exports, consisting of long, wooden carvings that tell an ancient Palauan folktale or legend. They are usually shaped into a crocodile, fish, or other local animals. Many destinations around the country sell storyboards, but the most famous are the Palau Jail Gift Shop, where they are carved by prisoners at the Koror Jail, and the proceeds are sent to their families.

On Main Street in Koror, Palau’s two main shopping centers compete with one another. WCTC Shopping Center is the largest mall in the country, with the biggest department store in Palau and a grocery complex, alongside fashion boutiques with clothing and fine jewelry. The other shopping center, located across the street from WCTC, is Surangel and Sons Co., also home to a department store and numerous fashion boutiques.

Visit the Best Shopping in Koror

Palau Jail Gift Shop
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WCTC Shopping Center
Address: Koror, Koror Island 96940, Palau 
Phone Number: +680 488 1633

Surangel and Sons Co
Address: Surangel Building, 4th Floor, Ernguul Road Ikelau Koror, 295 Main St, Koror, PW 96940, Palau
Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 7 AM - 10 PM; Friday, 7 AM - Sunset; Saturday, 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Phone: +680 488 4498