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Stay at One of the Top Dive Resorts in Palau

Design Your Own Adventure

Do you dream of staying at one of the top dive resorts in Palau, or better yet, the world? COVE Resort Palau offers easy access to Palau's best dive operators, including NECO Marine Tours, Sam's Tours and Impac Tours, all within walking distance. But diving isn't all that you can do on your Palau vacation. While here, take a tour of the Rock Islands, stop for a souvenir at the Palau Jail Gift Shop, soar through the air on a zip lining adventure or catch a marlin to have for dinner (or hang on your wall). Stay within walking distance of top attractions and enjoy a swim in the largest lagoon swimming pool in Palau while sipping cocktails from the Hungry Marlin, onsite at the resort. 

Our friendly concierge is there to help design your perfect Palau experience with our partner premier tour operators. Departing from COVE Resort Palau or just a few steps away from their waterfront, are daily tours including: 

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Rock island tours to world famous jelly fish lake
  • Breath-taking tropical beaches
  • Sea kayaking through limestone caves and hidden lagoons
  • Sports fishing,
  • Cultural land tours,
  • World War II relics in Peleliu,   
  • Zip-lining in to the secret waterfalls
  • And much much more!